The Tinderbox:
A Creativity Experience
  About The Tinderbox  

The Tinderbox was designed to address the heart of creativity, giving it a safe environment for play, investigation, and development. Setting aside the age-old argument of form versus process, the workshop seeks to explore the origins of both, encouraging self-discovery through the use of language and art.

It exists in two versions: the first is for children age 7-12, and offers presentations at schools, libraries and art centres. The second version is developed exclusively for adults in any stage of their art. 

  Tyler Enfield Founding instructor and proud father of two, Tyler Enfield is the award-winning author of the children’s book, Wrush: The Secret Worlds Of Tabetha Bright (Greenleaf Book Group), due out 2010. Writing opened up for him at the age of twenty-one when he chronicled his adventures in Asia: teaching English in Cambodia, sneaking into Tibet, and hitchhiking to Mt. Kailas disguised as a Buddhist monk.

His work has been awarded the Writer’s Federation Of New Brunswick Literary Prize, the New Times Fiction Prize, the Feathertale Microfiction Prize, and others, appearing in numerous journals throughout the US, Canada, and Europe.