The Tinderbox:
A Creativity Experience
  So what goes on inside The Tinderbox?

Exploration, imagination, and discovery. Picture a unique environment where the spark of creativity is fanned to life; a workshop designed to set the real you loose with pen and paper. All levels of experience are welcome. All artistic backgrounds are appropriate.  Whether you’re a painter, entrepreneur, photographer or poet, you’ll learn unique exercises to help ground your art in authentic, living expression. Only two rules apply:

  1. Art need not be beautiful. Only honest and real.
  2. Everyone can do it. We are born of creativity.

Throughout the course of this workshop, participants will explore their own creativity, where it comes from, and how to engage it. We’ll investigate the origins of expression, not in a historical sense, but a personal one, asking the question: Where does creativity begin in you?  

staircase Workshop length: 2 hours
Supplies: A pencil. Two if you like to share.

For booking at schools, libraries, city art centres, movement centres, and elsewhere, feel free to inquire at
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