The Tinderbox:
A Creativity Experience

     Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What’s the age range?

    The Tinderbox is designed for kids aged 7-12. 

  2. Can teachers and school staff participate?


  3. Is there anything teachers/parents should do to prepare their kids prior to the workshop?

    Fortunately, creativity has few preconditions. Just support your kids in all their creative endeavours— they’ll show you how brilliant they already are. And, of course, reading them a few chapters from Wrush won’t hurt…

  4. Are there any rules?

    Only two:

    1. Art need not be beautiful. Only honest, and real.
    2. Everyone can do it. We are born of creativity.

  5. Have you ever worked with someone who just plain wasn’t creative?

    Nope. Only people who thought they weren’t. But once inside The Tinderbox, there’s no escaping it- we’re creative beings, through and through.