The Tinderbox:
A Creativity Experience


“I highly recommend The Tinderbox: A Creativity Experience, created and presented by Tyler Enfield. I believe this workshop to be of the highest quality, and one which inspires students to write freely without all the structures that often stifle creativity. This is an outstanding educational workshop not to be overlooked.”
-Mrs. L. Charrois, Principal, Good Shepherd School


“In my many years of clinical practice, teaching, collaboration and offering seminars/workshops in academic, community based and private work to a spectrum of people, I find Tyler Enfield’s Wrush: The Secret Worlds of Tabetha Bright and his creativity workshop, The Tinderbox to be among the richest and most promising of projects.”
-Pearl Mindell, M.S.W., Former Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Albany Medical Center, Albany, New York,    Certified Jungian Analyst


“In reading Book One of The Secret Worlds of Tabetha Bright, recipient of the 2008 Writers’ Federation of New Brunswick Literary Prize, I came to the conclusion that such works are needed for children facing challenges and that I wished to lend my name in supporting its advancement, and that of its accompanying workshops.”
- Linda Sloan, Councilor, City of Edmonton

“I came away [from The Tinderbox] re-energized, full of fresh enthusiasm for ongoing projects as well as ideas for some new undertakings… a very valuable experience and one I can’t help but think would be a wonderful addition to any children’s program.”
-S.E. Ingraham, Board of Directors, Edmonton Stroll of Poets


“ Tyler ’s workshop was engaging and informative, and held the attention of all our Grade 5/6 students.  Teachers and students alike left the workshop better informed about creativity and how to make it a part of our writing, as well as our daily life.”
- Sarah Desjardins, Teacher, Beacon Heights School