The Tinderbox:
A Creativity Experience
Author Presentations


"Awesome presentation!"
- Shaima Hussain, Librarian, St. Mary School


 “The students were enthralled... You really know how to hit it out of the park!”                                                                -Aubin Pawl-Nixon, Librarian, Jean Vanier School


“An excellent presentation. I and the teachers were really impressed with [Tyler Enfield’s] approach toward the message of creativity. The feedback from the students is absolutely positive.”      
–Christiane Yarmuch, Teacher Librarian, J.H. Picard School

“An amazing, amazing storyteller... Tyler engaged and inspired us all...”
-Nancy Boyd, Teacher, LaPerle School


“Whatever you did in there, it was magic..."
- Shona Nelson, Library Tech, Belmead School


“We can't keep Wrush: The Secret Worlds of Tabetha Bright on our library shelves since your visit. Our students were thrilled with your presentation.”
   – Laraine Korol, Teacher Librarian, St. Augustine School

- Meyonohk School

-Jean Jacobson, Librarian, Talmud Torah School


“That was amazing...” 
-Peter Rachmistruk, Teacher, Father Kenneth Kearns School

"It was AWESOME! I couldn't get the students out of the library afterwards!"
- Tara Sommerfeld-Boizard, Library Technician, Stratford School